Personal Shopping

Katrine Rousselle has 25 plus years of extensive experience in all aspects of the fashion industry. Seize this opportunity by having Katrine along with you on your shopping trips and receive bounds of advice from a fashion mogul. If you are limited on time and have a busy schedule, Katrine will shop for you with your budget, your preference in stores, and all the brands you love.            


All services include a free first-time consultation.

Home Décor Services

With Katrine's experience of designing and marketing her own line of home accessories, she will be sure to provide you with an in-depth evaluation and analysis of rooms in your home and provide ideas to enhance and improve the look of your room using what you already own and love. 


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Fashion Services

Katrine will take full advantage of all of her experience within the modeling and fashion industry and provide you with a full evaluation and organization of your wardrobe. This service also includes Katrine pulling together new looks for you, identifying what clothing and accessories your wardrobe needs as well as putting together personalized picture books of coordinated outfits made just for you.