Modeling Industry

Besides from her experience with coordinating fashion shows and choosing accessories for each design and styling the entire look of the shows, Katrine has also worked as a photographer for clients, including all styling aspects of the shoot. She has worked for talent agencies, owned her own photography studio and modeling agency.​

Home Décor

Katrine has also designed and produced her own line of decorative holiday home accessories as well as marketed them from her own home, styling all aspects of the display. Now with RelookingLA, she continues to develop concepts for clients to identify and gain confidence in their personal style for both fashion and home décor. Her current services include wardrobe evaluation and organization, pulling together new looks, identifying clothing and accessory needs, putting together personalized picture books of coordinated outfits.            



Fashion Industry

Katrine Rousselle has extensive experience in all aspects of the fashion industry. She began her professional experience with 8 years in France and Italy where she used her creative skills as a stylist to promote and sell the Cacharel fashion line for women and children to major department stores and boutiques throughout Europe and the United States. Katrine then spent another 5 years continuing to provide significant input to the development of the fashion and jewelry line while coordinating, managing, and styling all details of new designs, fashion shows, and photo shoots in major fashion magazines. Katrine has also worked for as a fashion stylist for high-end clients.                   


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Katrine Rousselle is a world-renowned French Designer with extensive experience in all aspects of the fashion industry. She offers her home décor, wardrobe evaluation/organization, and fashion services to the residents of Beverly Hills, Paris, London, New York and Miami.

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Sales and Marketing

Katrine Rousselle also is brilliant in all aspects of sales and marketing due to her strong creative and interpersonal skills. She has worked with importers of Cacharel, coordinated all aspects of the fashion line with major department stores and helped develop new lines of clothing by communicating new fashion trends and "wish lists" from clients. She also ensured production of merchandise was produced according to prototypes and schedules.         

Previous Clients

Katrine Rousselle